If you want to make a backup of your notes/highlights please copy subfolder "user_annotations" in folder "JW_Helper" (for location of this folder please see app settings - base settings) with a file manager (e.g. ESFileExplorer)


You may open a bible scripture by using the search function (top/right)
Use for example "1 samuel 2" oder "pro 5" as search term.


  • Stylings of highlights can be changed throug settings optin. You can set more styles if you want to.
    (Settings can be reached through the 3 dots top/right or by touching the menu button of your table (depends on tab brand)
  • Use both hands for highlighting. Keep the highlight button pressed with your left hand when you are highlighting your phrases with your right hand, when you are finished, simply release the button.

SD Card

You can store the data on sd-card. But because of Googles decision, that is only possible on devices running Android before 4.4. Since 4.4 the sdcard is not writeable for apps. The only option to write to it would mean that you will loose all notes/highlights if you uninstall the app. Because of this the data can only be stored on internal storage if you update to 4.4 or higher. Maybe it is better not to upgrade...