JW Helper - Changelog

  • Fix: Crash if normal and permanent notes exist in same paragraph
  • Video links in publications (e.g. Pure-Worship-Book, please reload publication!)
  • Layout updates for 2021 workbook (please reload publication)
  • Some optical adjustments
  • Fix: Wrong images shown in some cases
  • Fix: Next meeting workbook not showing if second month
  • Fix: Study projects bug after rotation.
  • Fix: Multiple app crashes fixed
  • Multiple other internal fixes and improvements
  • Some publications are downloading faster
  • Fix: Next meeting publication was not found in some cases
  • Fix: Second bible chapter was shown at wrong position
  • Fixes for some app crashes
  • Multiple smaller fixes and improvements
  • Publication-Index links in bible (re-download of study notes needed).
  • Footnotes in bible (re-download of study notes needed).
  • Bible books/chapter can be chosen from Library View (additional to existing and still recommended search option)
  • Long article in lower/right area initially showing only first entries for better overview.
  • Older (<2000), not yet downloaded publications are not downloaded automatically anymore (but can be loaded on click). This prevents lots of download action for index entries.
  • Some other fixes and improvements
  • Fix: some new highlights are applied to wrong paragraph (since version
  • Fix: No custom link created for highlights in publication links of linked publications (since version
  • Fix: Custom links were created even for already existing links (in version
  • Fix: Highlights in custom content was not correct updated if no paragraph in main content was selected (in version
  • Fix list of publications not updating/downloading (German only).
  • Fix sometimes wrong images showing.
  • Fix bible chapter search not working in some cases.
  • Fix sometimes no text visible if own publication link was created.
  • Jump from JW Helper to same publication on jw.org website.
  • Jump from JW Library to same publication in JW Helper (use JW Lib SHARE function).
  • Fix crash at startup on Android 4.x
  • Fix list of publication not correctly updated.
  • Fix study bibly notes not downloading.
  • Fix link to other publication opens wrong chapter.
  • Fix study project loading.
  • Fix highlights synchronized from other device not showing up in some cases.
  • Fix bible download
  • Fix language selection in app setup
  • Updated publication chooser design.
  • Feature to open an article from wol.jw.org website in JW_Helper (use browsers SHARE function, only for non bible pages yet)
  • Some improvements in study projects (like pinned publication shortcuts (red) saved now with project)
  • Marker buttons are scroll-able if you have more styles that fit on your screen
  • Fulltext search shows better preview now
  • Page search shows preview and multiple results if more than one article on a page
  • Completely new First-App-Setup page
  • Missing bible informations needed for notes converting are now loaded from app website, so this translation does not need to be fully downloaded. (This belongs only to bible structure information like "what verse starts at what text-paragraph". All bible content is still loaded directly from jw.org)
  • Layout improvements for smaller devices
  • Tagalog new New-World-Translation working now
  • Study bible gallery downloads fixed
  • Fix: simultaneous display of old bible translation also for study bible (German)
  • Fix: Bonus links for pinned items where sometimes not created.
  • Fix: Text of contents opened via link where completely showing in gray in some cases.
  • Multiple crash reasons fixed
  • Lot's of internal cleanup and optimizations
  • Some very old notes converter removed (should not be needed anymore)
  • Study notes of German study bible (nwtsty-X-* must be downloaded and selected as default bible)
  • More options in bible selection in app settings
  • Fix: existing notes were not showing anymore if German bible was switched to nwtsty-X-2020
  • Fix some layout issues
  • Fix some app crashes
  • Fix smaller optimizations
  • Fix conversion failure for notes that were created with older versions
  • Fix error in (permanent crash at app start)
  • Fix crash if app reopened
  • Minor cleanup
  • Withdrawn because version was defect
  • Fix crash if app reopened
  • Minor cleanup
  • Fix: Publication download failing, adjusted to changes on jw.org
  • 'Next publication' detection improved
  • Second line of wt study article added. (You need to reload existing study editions to see the full title)
  • Multiple Android app optimizations enabled, app responds much faster
  • Improvements to allow notes synchronization between devices. (you will need to use external tools like Resilio Sync to sync your JW_Helper folder)
  • Publication download was not working anymore because of changes on jw.org
  • English bible download fixed
  • Bible galery download fixed
  • Other smaller fixes
  • German: notes in bible links of previous nwt are showing as bonus links (blue) now.
  • Bugfixes: Next meeting publication, thumbnails and others.
  • Simultaneous display of (non-)simplified "Gods-Love" books
  • Simultaneous display of bible (German only, Tagalog soon)
  • Changed behavior of Bible Study Notes downloads. It's not downloaded automatically anymore. You will see a button in linked content area to start download for this bible book.
  • Adjustments for Study Bible Edition 2019
  • Fix: crashes on devices running Antroid 4.x.
  • Fix: Other fixes for issues in
  • Links in secondary content area. If you click paragraphs in linked contents, there publication links will show too. (links of links, only one level deep supported as of now). You may mark here too, these contents will show as "Bonus Notes" (blue).
  • Image area reworked. Images should be rendered better.
  • Many internal interface fixes, scrolling and highlighting should work more smooth now, especially on slower devices.
  • Fixes if default bible on jw.org was changed.
  • Fix: Bible download was not working because of changes on jw.org.
  • Many other bugfixes.
  • Fix: Publication(list) download not working because of changes on jw.org
  • Fix: Image texts not loaded (publication missing text need to be downloaded again)
  • Fix: Long waiting time before publication load starts fixed
  • Fix: Bible download not working for locale German because of changes on jw.org.
  • Fix: Publication years < 2017 not showing anymore since last update.
  • Other smaller fixes.
  • Items in Second Content Area do not get cleared if other paragraph is selected (only on older Android Versions, <7.x?)
  • Rewritten Linked-Content area. This includes the following changes:
  • Self added (bonus) links to publications/bible are showing up now together with normal links.
  • Changed Pin/Collapse/Open as Main button (now as Toolbar on top of area)
  • You can pin more than one publication/text
  • Improvements in animations, scrolling,...
  • Startup crash fixed for devices running Android 4.x
  • Permanent Notes: New notes type (and new highlight button with frame arround). This notes will ALWAYS be visible when this text is showing. Usefull if you want to add a note (for example to a bible text), that you always want to see when this vers is showing, no matter if in main content area or as linked content.
  • You can assign label (names) to your highlight button. (see app settings)
  • Option to temporary hide all notes. Usefull if you want to show someone a text, but you don't want to reveal your notes. (You will find it options menu)
  • Completely rewritten Highlight Style configuration page in app settings.
  • Content loading speedup.
  • Multiple fixes related to usernotes loading/converting,...
  • Fix for a crash on usernotes loading.
  • Fixes for some other notes loading related issues.
  • Fix for crash short after app start on devices < Android 5.0
  • Please update as soon as possible. There are some important fixes in this release!
  • Fix for In-App updates not working on Android 8+ (and maybe 7). You must download the latest version at jwhelper.all-of-mex.de/en/download.php manually if the normal update is not working!
  • Improvements on bible downloads (study notes and media items). These content will be downloaded only for one bible book at a time. On next update check (after a few days) study notes for next bible book will be loaded. This avoids too much load on jw.org. Does not affect the normal bible text download, this is loaded completely as before.
  • New page Content in app settings. Provides some information of used/available bible translations. May be extended in future.
  • Fix: List of publications updates incomplete (brochures)
  • Fix: Text notes at bible links were not converted on some very old notes. (should not have affected many)
  • Fix: Bible entry was not showing in publication list
  • Many smaller bugfixes.
  • Update withdrawn because of serious bug.
  • Bible links were not working anymore for publications downloaded after ~May 20 2018 because of changes on jw.org. Please update to as soon as possible. Publications downloaded in the meantime need to be re-downloaded!
  • Reworked "Last opened" shortcuts.
  • Automatic appearing shortcut to next meetings publication.
  • Search suggests improved.
  • Bugfix: Version history changelog on manual update check is showing most recent versions again.
  • Bugfix: Studyedition 2018, January cannot be loaded.
  • Bugfix: Bible download not working because of changes on jw.org.
  • Bugfix: App crash if publication deleted in some cases.
  • (Only on Android 5.0 or higher) Automatic download of new publications (workbook, watchtower, awake). You may enable function by longclicking publication entry in publication list. The downloads will run dayly at random time when your device is idle, online and charging.
  • Publications "table of content" are having links now
  • Internal: Many automated tests implemented. This should heavily improove the quality of future app releases.
  • Bugfix: Bible download incomplete (German only).
  • Some other smaller fixes
  • NWT Study Notes and Galery items (English only, not existing on jw.org in other languages yet). It will show as linked content when you click a bible vers. (Working only at Matthew to John, more to come when released on jw.org (gem symbol present))
  • Major speedup in publication downloads (finally)
  • Bugfix: Images not showing.
  • Bugfix: Crash if search index cannot be loaded.
  • A lot of changes in code base. You will not see many differences but this prepares for future development.
  • Note: List of publication will reload on first start!
  • Note: You will be asked for bible download after update!
  • Changed to New-World-Translation Study Edition for English because jw.org changed to this version. You may be asked for bible download on first start. You may need to re-download English publications that you downloaded between December 2017 an updating your app to, else some bible links may open wrong vers!
  • Article opened by link or search will show completedly in chapter chooser. Before it showed only the current article and you could not swipe to previous/next. (Working in most cases. If not, you may need to reload the publication.)
  • Updated color theme
  • You can use the search function to search for most publication shortcuts ('be p.15', 't-27', as used on wol.jw.org) if you downloaded this publication before.
  • Thumbnail images in publication chooser!
  • Bible download fixed to match changes on jw.org
  • More bug fixes.
  • New: A lot of interface adjustments for smaller devices (phones). This is first official release for smartphones. Tablet layout should look like before.
  • New: Finally a replacement for annoying yellow "allways in the way" text input field. The replacement should (hopefully) be self explaining. You can delete a text note by selecting delete softkey and tapping on text (as before).
  • Bugfix: Currently edited (still active) note texts are not lost if you change to another app or rotate the device.
  • Bugfix: Highlights done within the last seconds are not lost anymore if you swype to other article and return immediatly.
  • Change: Highlightings and note texts are linked (as before), but if you delete the highlightings, texts will stay (where deleted too before).
  • Bugfix: Some issues on very first app initialization fixed.
  • Bugfix: Some missing photos should work again (mainly overview graphics in workbooks, svg files). You need to re-download those publication.
  • New: Previously not downloaded photos will be downloaded automatically (on wifi) when publication gets opened (applies for all texts, downloaded by this app version and following).
  • New: If an article was already downloaded because it was linked in another publication, this article will not be downloaded again if you load the whole publication (faster publication download). Note: photos will load on first access and wifi.
  • New: Option to clear app cache (see in-app settings). This will clear all automatically downloaded contents to free space.
  • Note: If you update to this version, the app cache will be cleared. (incl. citated publications in workbooks if you didn't downloaded the whole citated publication before). This is no problem, because it will be downloaded automatically again when you access it next time. And it frees you some storage space. But if you need some of this in the next meeting, please click once on the paragraphs containing the links to start automatic re-download. Publications you downloaded in publication list (blue name) are NOT affected.
  • New: Simultaneous simpified-/nonsimplified display for bible teach book.
  • Bugfix: App crash fixed on app rotation on very first app init.
  • New: Online-Search results are showing specific paragraph now, not only the whole chapter (first match only)
  • New: Video/audio links included (opens in web browser, only working if online). Note: in some cases the video is not ready on wol.jw.org yet. The website will redirect to start page then.
  • Bugfix: Crash on pinned booklinks fixed.
  • Bugfix: Crash on loading of old linked book notes.
  • Layout pushed upwards for a moment after search result clicked.
  • Chapter chooser label changing to chapter title after few seconds.
  • Important bugfix: Publication download was not working anymore because of jw.org changes.
  • OutOfMemory crashes fixed
  • App reopening crashes fixed
  • Rotation issue fixed
  • "Slide on vertical scroll" bug fixed
  • App update and other notification messages are shown on start page now.
  • Last search results are still present now when search reopened.
  • General optimizations in update checks
  • Crash/missing notes if stored notes are using a styling that is not definded in app anymore
  • Rare crashes on publication opening
  • Version was defect
  • Important bugfix: No publications are downloading anymore (jw.org changed from http to https)
  • Bugfix: App update fails on devices running Android 7+. You need to download the latest version manually from jwhelper.all-of-mex.de. Sorry for that!
  • Bugfix: Bible text search uses wrong locale.
  • New: Progress bar on in-app update download.
  • Change: Change to new Android app permission requests (Android 6.0+).
  • Bugfix: No storage locations found (Samsung Galaxy...)
  • Bugfix: Crash if no search results found
  • Bugfix: User booklinks/notes display error.
  • Change to new Android permission framework
  • Search results of wol.jw.org (if connected to internet)
  • Layout adjusted for search results
  • Bugfixes: Crash at startup on Samsung Galaxy (again, sorry)
    Please don't use this Version, it may crash on some devices!
  • Local fulltext search in downloaded publications/bible!
  • Open self choosen publication/bibletext in secondary-content area
  • Create custom links to other publications or bible texts including notes (see here)!
  • Open a linked publication as main content (submenu after click on "Context")
  • Pin a article in secondary content to keep it open while changing main content chapter or selected paragraph (submenu "Context")
  • Lots of smaller adjustments and fixes
  • Bugfix: App crash on startup (Samsung Galaxy Note)
  • Active paragraph is highlighted
  • Simultaneous display of two languages
  • Simultaneous display of Simplyfied/Non-Symplified Study Edition (English)
  • New language: Tagalog
  • Bugfixes, optimizations, internal cleanup
  • Bugfixes: Crash on startup on Galaxy Note 8
  • Bugfixes: Year entry for workbooks not showing or label wrong
  • Bugfixes: Crash on some publication links.
  • Bugfixes: Ministry school book download working again.
  • Smaller other adjustments
  • Bug report function changed (ACRA library)
  • Bugfixes: Crash if searched bible chapter not exists.
  • Bugfixes: Highlight button sometimes not activating on first click.
  • Bugfixes: Second bible chapter not showing if biblelink contains more than one chapter.
  • Workaround: scrolling not working in some chapter
  • NEW main feature: show up the context of a bible text (or other publication context) including possibility to make notes in context. Every vers you make notes in will stay visible too (lighter text color)
  • Bugfixes: Crash on first app setup
  • Bugfixes: Rare crashes if app was in standby
  • Many changes in most part of the app to prepare for interesting new features.
  • Optimization: One file less on local storage per chapter/article.
  • Publication shortcuts ordered now in last access order (last used on top)
  • Linked publications in Metting Workbooks are loaded automatically when workbook is loaded (as before)
  • Linked publications in other articles are loaded on access (if paragraph containing link are clicked in publication)
  • Some optical adjustmens (new color theme, vers number superscription, Workbook colors)
  • Text notes ordered (by first highlight position)
  • Bugfix: wrong article/position after device rotation
  • Bugfix: crashes after device rotation
  • Note: all publications need to be reloaded because of changed data-file routines! This will also clean up storage so you should have more free space after this. Previous usernotes get converted to new file format automatically. Please notify the developer about any usernote import problems, especially if notes are missing! Old files are not deleted yet but will be in a future release.
  • withdrawn (bug on user note conversion)
  • bugfix: wrong article order in publications
  • bugfix: publication not loading after app is active for a while
  • bugfix: some chapter are empty on devices Android before 5.0 (you need to reload these publications)
  • New way how bible links are decoded. Much more reliable. (Note: the bible will be reloaded on first app start and the downloading of publication will be slower than before, sorry, its not avoidable)
  • Many internal optimizations in publication loading
  • Most links to other publications are working now in all publications (same as in Meeting workbooks before)
  • Meeting workbooks: Alternate presentation (images containing time tables,...) included
  • Bugfixes (shifted stylings, storage location chooser,...)
  • Bugfix Watchtower 2000-2006 not in list
  • Smaller fixes on app update routines/notifications
  • Bugfix german "Arbeitshefte" (programm for week not working). You need to reload the issue if you downloaded it using previous app version!
  • Meeting workbooks included (not all publication references working yet)
  • Watchtower/Awake 2016 working
  • Smaller changes
  • Bugfix: Bible not loaded from website (because of changes on wol.jw.org)
  • Internal: Transfer from Eclipse to Android Studio
  • Bugfix: Study edition sep 2015 not loading
  • Bugfix: Links to "Imitate" book in Kingdom ministry now working (you need to reload kingdom ministry issue)
  • Bugfix: Tabs in settings not switchable after orientation change
  • Added dynamic info text function on start page
  • Removed dropbox import function (was not working since a while and isn't needed anymore because Kingdom ministry is available through standard way
  • Bugfix: crash when some chapters are opening
  • Bugfix: kingdom ministry, ministry school review: publication citates not loaded
  • Bugfix: linebreaks after some bible verses (paragraph end) missing
  • Bugfix: page layout data wasn't imported
  • Some additional optimizations/bugfixes on publication import
  • Bugfix: Bible import now working again
  • Urgent Bugfix: Because of changes on wol.jw.org and a bug in the app is the publication chooser after next automatic publication list update empty!
  • Changes on publication import because of the website changes
  • reverted
  • Bugfix: Some bible links not working (mainly Song of Solomon in watchtower issue 2015-01-15)
  • You need to reload the issue after updating the app!!! (long touch on issue entry in publication chooser, then press reload publication)
  • Urgent: Watchtower and Kingdom Ministry could not be loaded because of changes on wol.jw.org. The app was adjusted. Thanks for the eMails and the patience...
  • Bugfix: redundant entrys in book chooser
  • Note: the app will reload the list of available books on first start. Stay online.
  • Fix: Watchtower 2015-01-01 cannot be imported, added a workaround (there is a failure in the file on the website)
  • Note: English Watchtower issue cannot be loaded at the moment because of changes on the website. Please be patient, it will be fixed in next release.
  • Workaround for Acer A3-A10 not loading content from website
  • Bugfix for app crash on cachefile conversation if no usernotes are present.
  • Bugfix: Crash report not working
  • Bugfix: Crash report not attached to email on some devices
  • Automatic update of list of available publications (every 14 days if wlan connected)
  • Publication list is sorted now (after next update)
  • Bugfix: Not all available publication languages showing up on some devices
  • Some small other bug fixes and optimizations
  • No update notification at the moment but you can update manually by clicking on the link at the left
  • Optimizations for moving of storage location
  • Added DebugMode option in app settings. Use this if you are having troubles that are NOT causing a app crash. (App crash will send it's own report.
  • Some small other bugfixes
  • No update notification
  • Full localization, you can import publications of different languages (currently supported: english, german)
  • Because of a bug on android it isn't possible to have the user interface in on language and use strings of another language at the same time. Because of that the userinterface locale may change too if you swap to another language.
  • Kindom ministry import from wol.jw.org (same as other publications) Please note: The "Kingdom ministry loaded from Online Library contains only content for linked publications that is available there. That means no publications prior 2000 or Organized-book content is present. The ePub files instead contain this content. Because of this the ePub import stays available. Note: It seems not to be possible to import all notes from "ePub-km" to "wol-km" in a later release!
  • Print function (uses GoogleCloudPrint ), prints the main article content and all of its notes/highlights incl. studyproject notes (if loaded), no bible texts/linked articles yet
  • Bible entry in book chooser (simply opens search function, use it the same way as before)
  • Bugfixes for devices running android before 4.1 (crash on opening settings and on moving divider in portrait mode, thanks for crash reports)
  • Added check if app was updated to 4.4.x or higher and storage location was set to sd-card. Because of Googles decision, the sd-card can not be used as before. You need to move the data to internal storage. The app will ask for this.
  • Bugfix: Images not showing after rotation
  • Lots of other Bugfixes, optimizations,...
  • Important! File cache needs to be converted on startup AND you have to be online on update because list of available publications needs to be reloaded!!
  • If someone wants to help extending the app to another language, please contact me (allofmex@web.de english/german). No coding abilities needed but prefered!
  • Smaller bugfixes for highlighting
  • Fix for some lags on scrolling
  • (No update notification at the moment, some time to test is needed. You can update manually if you want by clicking on the link at the left)
  • Bugfix: Crash on first import of available publication
  • Bugfix: View not updated after highlight/note changes
  • Bugfix: Bookchooser, year numbers on watchtower not clickable
  • Fix: Not working publications are hidden again (Studienleitfaden...)
  • Urgent update!
  • Bugfix: Crash on import of new publication
  • Bugfix: Bible could not be opened directly (by search function)
  • Bugfix: Wrong highlight style if previously another style was active
  • Bugfix kingdom ministry 08-2014 and later could not be imported
  • Some other preparation, not unlocked at the moment!
  • Huge parts of app rewritten, you will see no differences but further development will be much easier now. Sorry for new bugs!
  • New Study project function! You can add special highlights/notes for study projects. They work like normal highlights but they are saved in study project and only show up when project is loaded. So you can add additional highlights in publication without "damaging" your basic notes. If you delete a study project these data will be gone too.
  • Study project: Last opened publication is saved/restored
  • Study projects bug fixes (SP can be deleted,...)
  • Portrait mode: Divider publication / scripture moveable, Image height adjustable.
  • Bugfix: crash on app start (again :-) )
  • Bugfix: Highlight sometimes wrong when you drag forward and then backward again.
  • Bugfix: Usernote text dialog remembers last position again.
  • Bugfix: WT 15.5.14, footnote shown at wrong location (please reload publication)
  • Study projects function! It may be useful for tasks in congregation. At the moment you can save the list of opened books and reload them if you need them. (More functions planed...) Start it from options menu!
  • Bug report function! If app crashes for second time a dialog will be shown to send a bug report per email. You can add additional info's (auch in deutsch) in email (Where did the app crash? Can you reproduce it? ...)!
  • Bugfix: Kingdom ministry! Second entry in publication link not detected and other import bugs.
  • Bugfix: App crashes on start!
  • Urgent bugfix! If app was installed for first time only white page was shown!
  • Do not use, there is a crash bug on app start!
  • Automatic shortcuts for last opened chapter. Usefull if you switch often between publications. You can pin an entry by long-touch. It will stay there until next app restart.
  • The marker and shortcut buttons will dim if not used.
  • Insight (Einsichten) book included in search function (search for "it-1 s. 823", no full text search at the moment) and kingdom-ministry references
  • You can delete publication from local cache now (long touch on publication), notes will not be deleted!
  • Dropbox browser: layout optimized
  • Bugfix: the app-reopen-crash bug seems to be fixed!
  • Bugfix: marker button could not be unset.
  • Bugfix: custom edited user styling settings were not saved.
  • Bugfix: rotation issues.
  • Bugfix: images sometimes not shown.
  • some smaller bugfixes, preparing for 1.0 release...
  • If you are on a version older than the inApp update isn't working anymore, you have to download and install the latest version manually (Thanks to dyn.com :-( )
  • Lots of optimizations in BibleStringParser, most bible link errors should be gone now. Should also speed up publication import. (you have to reload issues that have import errors, long touch on issue in chooser)
  • "Einsichten" book unlocked
  • Labels changed in context menu of book chooser
  • Note: If "Jahrbuch 2014" is missing in book chooser you have to reload list of available books. (long touch on "Jahrbücher")
  • Bugfix for (Update notification although same as current version)
  • Urgent update!!! New update url (jwhelper.all-of-mex.de)Because dyn.com decided to delete all free dyndns accounts on may 7th, the previous in-app update url would not work after this date. Please update your app immediately!
  • New: Automatic update check (once a day, only on wlan)
  • New: In-app notifications (for updates or urgent messages)
  • Reverted some rotation bugfixes from last update because they are to buggy at the moment.
  • Some smaller bugfixes
  • Slide horizontal to previous/next chapter
  • links (in kingdom misitry) opens publication at correct paragraph (not only chapter)
  • Bugfix for km: "Wiederholung" and some items not imported correctly
  • kingdom ministry not showing after first import
  • please do "force reload" for kingdom ministry (in settings)
  • fullscreen image rotation
  • List of known bugs on this page (expand/collapse not working on older versions)
  • Bugfixes for first app start after installation
  • Bugfix: Some bible links where not imported correctly since one of the last versions. Please reload these issues!
  • Smaller bugfixes: some images are taking to much space only lower part of link in kingdom ministry clickable rotation issues, ...
  • Please read whole change log for this version before you update!
  • "Kingdom Ministry" import (from dropbox), configure in settings. (not all work done at the moment) If you have a book/tract/... loaded on your device, references in kingdom ministry will open this publication, else the citations from epub will be show. Note: if only citations are shown (at same place as bible citates) all highlights/notes will be saved in this kingdom ministry, NOT in publication itself! All Highlights are saved in the publication that is shown in main/center area.
  • Search for pagenumber in issues
  • Search for publication and page/chapter ("cl Kap. 20", "predig seite 84" (Predigtdienstschulbuch))
  • Bugfixes: search function working again (bible verses)
  • Bugfixes: crash bug when you reopen app after orientation change
  • A direct inApp update will fail this time! Last time I forgot to change an old package label. You need to download the apk to your device, uninstall JW Helper, and reinstall from this apk. Your content will be there, it ist stored seperatly and will not be deleted when you uninstall the app. On first start choose same storage location as last time! Sorry for that :-(
  • Note: For search and kingdom ministry references you must RELOAD publication that where loaded with previous app versions (page and chapter layout data will be included now). Reload must be done BEFORE km import!